TOE Coach AG
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TOE Coach Companies are our speciality

Our enduring motivation is to facilitate self-help by applying pragmatic approaches that drive the achievement of goals. We analyse your leadership environment methodically, identify and crystallise stumbling blocks or weaknesses, develop solutions and accompany you in implementing them.

Our key strengths are:

Leadership coaching We act as a qualified “sparring partner”, accompanying you on a path to effective leadership.
360° coaching With the help of your co-workers and colleagues, we help to elicit and define the stumbling blocks that may lie on your career path.
Assessment We evaluate the career potential of your co-workers and give you the reassurance you need in making the right decision.
Team development We train teams to identify synergies and to leverage and exploit them efficiently.
Change management We help you to make any necessary changes palatable among co-workers and identify all the potential risks involved.
Company analysis We compile a “leadership landscape” that outlines the latentpotential and hidden stumbling blocksacross your entire organisation.

As qualified systemic coaches, we apply the appropriate solutions-driven or organisational approach to fit your requirements. As a member of the Swiss professional association for supervision, organisational consultancy and coaching (BSO), we are subject to regular controls that guarantee our consistently high standard of service.